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Piano stools and accessories

Rochford Pianos have a superb selection of piano stools to choose from, ranging from top quality concert stools to budget models. We only stock stools which we consider to be of  good quality and from experience we know will stand the test of time. Prices for new stools start from as little as 99.

Piano covers

We supply piano covers for grand and upright pianos made to measure. These are always a good idea to preserve the mirror finish of your piano. A useful tip here is just make sure that whenever the cover is removed it is folded carefully and stored free from dust and grit! Several options are available for your cover - please contact us to discuss requirements.

A-frame castors for grand pianos

These (almost) triangular frames have their own twin castors. At each of the three corners  is a recess onto which the piano legs are placed, either with or without their own castors. Two different models of A-frame provide the ability to adapt to different leg/castor arrangements; One is designed so that the piano's own castors rest in a recess on each corner of the frame. The other is designed so that the legs without castors are lowered into the recess/bracket, which incorporates a clamp. In both situations, the frame links the legs together so that the weight of the piano is more evenly distributed thereby minimising the stress on individual legs. The twin castors make much lighter work of moving the piano around, much valued at public venues. A-frames come in smart square-section black satin-finished steel. The picture below shows castorless legs slotted into the clamps of an A-frame as supplied:

An A-frame fited to Yamaha C7 grand piano

Safety bracket castors for upright pianos

These are fitted to the underside of upright pianos as a set of four: A pair of twin castors at the front, while those at the back are set approximately 10cm back from the rear of the piano and secured with their bracket fixed to both the underside and rear of the piano. These are designed to minimise the risks of an upright piano falling over, which is a particular concern in public venues, while the superior castors are kinder to floors and facilitate moving the piano.

Yamaha piano detailSteinway grand piano restringingRestored Bechstein detailpiano art case / decorative piano detail
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